Five Great Gifts for a Three Year Old's Birthday

Gifts for a three-year-old's birthday

A child turning three is caught in an in-between stage: they are starting to notice trends in toys and want "What the big kids play with," but at the same time they are not always careful enough to play with toys with sharp edges or toys that can pose as choking hazards. If you have a child, relative or friend who is turning three, you want to find a gift that is fun but safe at the same time. Before you decide on a gift, ask the parents what the child needs. They might already have tons of toys and really prefer clothes or something else.

1, Dvd or season dvd sets. Many of children's favorite shows come as seasons now. Parents appreciate this because they don't have to watch the same episode over and over (and over and over) again. Check Amazon for great deals on seasondvd sets.

2. Craft kits. Three-year-olds are just starting to enjoy creating things with clay, paint and other art media.Clay or finger paints make a great gift idea (just check with parents first, and make sure the items are appropriate for three and up). There are aso kits designed for children to paint their own plates, mugs, flower pots, and other items.

3. Dress-up clothes. Both girls and boys love to dress up.Some girls love princess dresses and frilly, fancy outfits, while some side with the boys andlove super heroes and service people such as fire fighters and policemen. You can also incorporate "Like a grown-up" kits such as a doctor kit, tool kit, or purse with pretend make-up and hair accessories.

4. Tent and sleeping bag. Most kids love having a special hiding place all their own, and a small indoor tent that is easy to set up is a great way for them to have that.Some child-sized tents also include a matching sleeping bag that children can use in their tents, for sleepovers, or to watch TV and read during the day.

5. Pajamas with favorite characters are fun and practical. Just make sure you buy them a size or two too big, as they tend to run small, and make sure they a flame-retardant. Also, check with parents to make sure the child's skin isn't irritated by flannel or polyester. Many stores offer 100 percent cotton PJ's, that tends to be the best bet for comfort. You can also include a small overnight bag with a toothbrush holder, travel-sized pillow, and soap holder.


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